Transformational Love

Release  Redesign  Reconnect

Transformational Love
A powerful immersive VIP program for couples.

Why is this happening to us?



My partner is crazy and a little bipolar which makes me question, why is this happening to me? Feelings of depression take over with waves of anxiety and heart palpitations when I am in the same room with my partner.  I feel rejected when I initiate intimacy as I never know when it's okay and not okay to reach out to connect. I have resigned myself to being roommates and settling because I am afraid of being left alone.


Stop settling and step into a renewed relationship paradigm. Releasing past hurts, deepening your connection, passion, and playfulness. Authentically expressing and living the vibrant and healthy intimacy you desire.


Relationships are not easy, they have many challenges and pitfalls as no two people are the same. It takes a constant reshaping of one’s values, beliefs and perspectives to weather the relationship journey. It takes more than love to create and sustain a consciously loving and thriving long term relationship.

All couples need to be flexible, self-expressed, accountable and emotionally intelligent, while setting healthy boundaries to get the most out of your partnership. All relationships require work. Yours is no exception.

Get to the heart of your relationship problems, including analyzing personal patterns that have influenced and created challenges in the way you interact with your loved ones.


We specialize in guiding and training you in how to be masterful with your relationship. Crafting and developing a wide array of relationship skills and tools that will increase your ability to

  • authentically communicate with compassion

  • strengthen and improve intimacy in and out of the bedroom

  • release emotional blocks, clear limiting beliefs and conflicts 

  • create more harmony in your relationship

  • re-ignite your passion, playfulness and adventure

  • learn to cultivate and nurture closeness, openess and respect

  • redesign a new and healthy relationship pathway 

Exclusive focused attention and care you need and deserve to Transform your Love to thriving with life, love and laughter.

Created, guided and supported by Viktoria, Holistic Intimacy & Relationship Specialist and Carla, Holistic Mindset & Empowerment Coach who have partnered to help you Transform your Love.

Curious to know if this program is for you?  Let's see.


Does this sound familiar?

Have you lost the spark, passion and playfulness, and simply not in the mood?

Are you struggling with intimacy, performance anxiety and one partner is always initiating?

Do you feel more like roommates rather than romantic partners leading to boredom in the bedroom?

Is your communication superficial and lacking connection and depth with emotional support?

Are you feeling disconnected, and have fallen into a routine and you have stopped celebrating milestones?

Do you experience unclear boundaries creating trust issues, resentment, anger, and fear?

Are you feeling obligated, pressured and tolerating intimacy with no connection and just settling?

Do you have emotional blocks, limiting beliefs and past negative experiences that push away intimacy?

Are you experiencing fear and anxiety towards intimacy with emotional shutdown and so you feel guarded to share your feelings?

Do you have a lack of desire, attention, and appreciation leading to emotional infidelity?

Are you placing your focus on everything around you and leaving your relationship on the back burner?

These are some of the challenges and concerns all couples have. You are not alone!  


You can bring back the passion, playfulness and connection. 

Instead do you want?


Instead do you want to...

Regain and ignite passion and playfulness in your relationship with an open heart. Live and laugh as romantic partners leading to fiery passion with the intimacy you desire.

Enjoy engaged loving intimacy and the mutual balance of initiating intimacy without anxiety because you have created a powerful identity shift from victim to empowered through your choices, actions, habits and lifestyle. 

Develop confident communication, emotional support, and an inner knowing  with your body and its needs, cycles and rhythms to help co-create options to serve the best possiblie connection with your partner.

Have clear and respectful boundaries within your comfort. Enabling you to develop a higher level of intimacy with trust, honour, gratitude and joy.

Embrace emotional and physical intimacy, and connection to elevate your relationship with the knowledge of how to release and heal negative feelings that may arise.

Authentically express your love, appreciations, gratitude and fears with an open mind and heart. Giving you harmonious energy, vitality and well-being  within your partnership.

Have profound presence and attentiveness in your relationship with support and compassion in order to achieve lasting happiness and transformation.

Make the choice to live, love and laugh authentically in a healthy relationship paradigm. Join us to release, redesign and reconnect by learning your new partnership pathway and bring back the love and fire you desire. 

What you will experience

The exclusive focused attention and care you need and deserve.

  • Guidance, support and focus from two experts!

  • Guidance to help you shift your perspective to what a healthy relationship looks like for you. 

  • Guidance to achieve an authentic connection where you can express yourself with confidence. 

  • Guidance and understanding of powerful tools to release anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt.  Thus, maintain the care and love of your partnership.

  • Guidance in creating a mindful and emotional  balance of boundaries and to ask for what you need.

  • Guidance to redesign a healthy and vibrant balance with the intimacy you desire.

  • Guidance to be conscious and accountable for your stuff and proactively nip things in the bud. 



Our support extends outside the program sessions by being available through email and telephone MON-FRI  10am-6pm and throughout the weekend away. 

Conscious Content

The content for the Transformational Love program has been carefully crafted to bring conscious awareness, personal self-care skills and transformation for a lifetime of success.

Dynamic Duo

All brought to you by two knowledgeable, skillful, and commited to your success with 20+ years of combined experience. Giving you the exclusive focused attention and care you need and deserve.


Bonus workshops, special tool kit, and personal coaching with the intention to give you continued support, guidance and help keep things on track with your Transformational Love.

  • 2 Compassionate and Conscious Communication group workshops with Viktoria ($200 value)

  • 2 Awaken & Activate: Goal Setting & Strategic Planning group workshops with Carla ($200 value)

  • Transformational Love Kit ($300 vlue)

  • 4hrs post program: 2hrs with Carla and 2hrs with Viktoria per couple ($500* x 2 value)


Total Vaue of $1700 CAD in bonuses

* Based on $250/hr for individual coaching vs $350/1hr for  couples coaching

You are invited to experience the following group workshops complimentary within 4 months of completing the Transformational Love program.

Your Guides

Carla Bio Pic06.png


Holistic Mindset & Empowerment Coach

Carla is a holistic Mindset & Empowerment Coach and is the Founder of Awaken Harmony Wellness. Carla is also a Certified Trainer & Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping), TIME Techniques, as well as Reiki & Crystal Healing.

Creating supportive and nurturing relationships with clients, helping them to find balance and peace within their body, mind and soul.

Her objective when working with clients is to heal and integrate their mind body and soul. Working to release negative emotions, limiting beliefs and remove blockages that are holding you back.

Reconnect to self and re-align to your higher purpose.

To learn more about Carla surf to:



Holistic Intimacy & Relationship Coach

Viktoria is a holistic intimacy and relationship coach of 15 years. She is an avant-garde provocateur, and change agent. A Transformational Counsellor, Life & Wellness Coach, Tantra Teacher, Practitioner and Trainer of Holistic Chi Kung Massage, Bondassage & Elysium massage. 


Empowering women, men and couples to authentically live, love, laugh and get the vibrant healthy intimacy they desire.


Creating a safe, transformational and nurturing environment to somatically release negative emotions, trauma, anxiety and tension. To reconnect with yourself and partner with confidence, presence and passion. All done with playful learning dynamics and practical guidelines for success. 

To learn more about Viktoria and what she is up to, surf to

Yes! We look forward to starting our journey.

You have choice as to how you can travel the Transformational Love Couples Program



Private in-person/online laser focused personalized program for one couple.



Quarterly LIVE virtual online group program. 

Limited to 8 couples.

Want to see how we work?
Join us for a game changing Masterclass.



Transformational Love for Couples 

We love teaching, coaching and supporting couples on their transformational journey. We look forward to being your guides in this masterclass where you will experience an authentic sense of what it feels like to be in a positive and healthy couple bubble with confidence, passion and playfulness.

  • Conscious & Compassionate Communication (60min) Learn to have vulnerable conversations and ask for what you desire.

  • Somatic Emotional Release Practice (SERP) to release tension, anxiety, and stress to better connect.  30min

  • Tantra Connection & Vulnerability Practices. Learn to be profoundly present and deeply connected.  (30min)

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Body tapping to release and remove your sense of disconnection and bring back connection and the intimacy you desire. (20min)

Your investment as a couple is $250 per couple ($125 pp for a LIVE virtual online/ in-person 2.5hrs of intimacy and mindset coaching with Carla & Viktoria. Register Today. Sace is limited to 8 couples.

Wondrous Transformational Love delights,

Carla & Viktoria

Next Date:  Saturday, October 17 from 1:00pm - 3:30pm

Lets Connect

Looking forward to connecting with you. We love our clients, so feel free to reach out.
And to book your weekend away. 
Tranformational Love delights!

Carla & Viktoria

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